The Hole in the Lake

by Clarissa Reyes

My aunts from El Salvador told me this story. They told me that there is a lake that has a big hole and it takes the people. They told me that it was like quicksand. When I went swimming in the lake that was close to my aunt's house I was just swimming and I almost passed through that big hole that my aunts told me about. I did not know it was in that lake. I got so scared so I got out of the water and I went back home and started crying because that hole was about to take me because I almost passed threw it. I never went swimming in that lake again because I was so scared. That's my story


Selling Milk to Go to College

by Micky Phillips

The story that I was told by my grandmother was how my dad worked hard when he went to school. My grandparents lived outside the city in India and my dad went to school in the city. He woke up early in the morning to sell milk from around the city. During that time they didn't have a car to go around and so my dad had to carry about 20-30 gallons of milk every day to the city and then he went to school during the day.

With hard work my dad graduated from high school and then continued working hard to pay for college because they didn't have enough money to spend on college for him.

After he left college my dad helped my grandparents build their house. Now that house is a big house and my relatives make furniture and sell it.


The Old Lady with Two Fingers

by Jose Campos

A story that was passed down in our family was this. There was an old lady with only two fingers because she had an accident and the doctor had to remove three fingers. Sixty years ago the old lady died.

But people say that she didn't die. They say that she used to walk in the night by herself. People say that she goes to the trees and climbs up them. And when someone walks by there she used to show two fingers. People used to say that when she took out her two fingers she meant peace.

People say that she still goes to the trees. My dad said that maybe he saw her but he was not sure. So that's the story about the old lady with two fingers.


The Girl and the Fish

By Nadege Breil

My grandfather died about five years ago. He used to tell me fairy tales and some stories every night before I went to bed. Most people back at home in Haiti would all sit together and tell stories and tales. Well there was one story that I remember the best that my grandfather told me.

This story is about a little girl. She was the cutest girl in the town so everyone loved her. One day she went by the river to swim. While she was swimming along came a big fish. The fish was the king of the river. The fish asked her, "Can you marry me?"

And she said, "Yes I can." So she did. While the fish and the girl were kissing both of them disappeared and no one ever knew what happened to the fish or the pretty little girl.


Nails in the Wall

by Ahmed Khalil

When I was young my grandmother had a story that she told me. She said that there was a man called Bob. He had a son and when his son get mad, Bob said, "Put a nail in the wall." And when the son started getting tired of putting the nails in the wall, he stopped getting mad.

Then his dad said to take out the nails when the son wasn't mad. When all the nails were out of the wall it was very messed up. My grandmother would say, "When you get mad, you hurt people. If you say you are sorry, it helps out but not that much!"

I have heard this same story in America in Algebra class at Blair High. Since my grandmother doesn't speak English, I wonder if the teacher heard the story from the same place my grandmother heard it from.


Mermaids in the River

by Sheena Foster

There is a river in Kingston, Jamaica in my community called "bridge biole." A story was told many years ago and was passed on from generation to generation by word of mouth.

Every summer whenever the scouts come to the camp and when they go to the river to swim, the water starts spinning and takes one person's life every summer. They say that every night the mermaids come out and comb their hair. The river has a cave under the river bottom. Maybe the mermaids live there.

This has been the experience every year. When it is not summer the water dries up. The amazing thing about it is that only scouts don't know the history of this particular river.


Selma and Boris

by Sladana Juresic

I'm going to write about a story that my teacher told me a long time ago. It's about a girl named Selma and a boy named Boris.

They were classmates and were always together, better say best friends until Boris wanted too be more than just a friend with her. But he didn't like her well enough to go out with her or maybe he just waited for her to make a first move.

Of course almost every girl is more comfortable for a boy to come and ask her out. So Selma waited and waited but Boris never once said anything about going out.

When Selma started to see this other boys, Boris started getting jealous. He was just saying things a jerk would say considering that they were supposed to be best friends.

Selma remembered her mom telling her how if something is not worth it, just to ignore it. So Selma ignored what Boris said.

But this just made Boris meaner and meaner. Finally Selma decided to confront him. She said to him, "What do you want? You had a chance, a very big chance and you blew it. So the only person you should blame is you. No girl is willing to be with a boy for whom she is going to wait forever."

That's the story that teacher told me and it just stayed with me. It's not about what Selma said, even though it was true. It's more about being brave. She stood up to him and told him something that made her feel better.

There's another message in that story, too. Boris needed to realize to go for it. If you don't, you will lose it!


The Necklace

by Daniel Juarez

I remember one day when I was five years old my mom told me a story, a scary story. She told me it was real and I still have some curiosity about it.

The story tells about a taxi man who was driving by the corner of a cemetery. The man's name was Felix.

While he was driving he saw a lady who stopped him. She was beautiful and young. She gave him an address and he took her to where she asked him to go. The lady's name was Carolina.

When they got to the place, it was a really old house. Carolina told Felix that she did not have any money but she had a necklace with a picture of her and she gave him an address where he could take the necklace and get paid.

The next day Felix went to the address Carolina gave him and knocked on the door. A really old lady opened the door. Felix told her about Carolina and showed her the necklace with the picture.

The old lady was surprised. She said, "I am Carolina's mother. Carolina died fiftburied with that necklace.