El Duende

by Francisco Javier Inestroza

One day in a town people were talking about "El Duende." The people said the Duende's clothes are green. The Duende has a green hat with bells at the ends. His pants are green and his shoes are green. One day, El Duende saw one girl. El Duende followed her night and day. El Duende asked the girl to be his girlfriend. The girl said, "No." El Duende made her crazy. This story is from Honduras.

by Wilkin Martinez

The people say in town that there is a Duende who is very ugly and who likes to go out at night and scare people.

El Duende has a very big hat and a big potbelly. He is a very short and he has one small eye and the other is large. He carries a shovel for digging small rocks from the ground. He throws these rocks at girls who don't have boyfriends.

El Cipitillo

by Norma Maltez.

In my town some people told me that a long time ago there was a little man that looked like a boy because he was so short.

El Cipitillo is a very bad and dangerous boy because he likes to tease pretty girls. He is very ugly. He has his feet on backwards. He has a large hat and a large stomach.

He likes to throw little rocks in the girls' food. He likes to also follow them. When the girls don't like him, he treats them badly. He scares them and doesn't let them sleep at night.

by Igna Trejo

One day there was a dwarf that scared the girls. He didn't make much noise when he did. El Cipitillo comes out at night to scare the girls and he gives them goose bumps. He has a big hat and backward feet. He has a huge stomach. He is very ugly and smells terrible.

El Cipitilo throws little rocks at the girls when he doesn't like them. But El Cipitillo throws them flowers when he's in love with them. El Cipitillo never stops bothering the girls.

La Carreta Chillona

by Carmen Diaz

The people say that when it's dark and scary the Carreta Chillona passes people on the street. The Carreta Chillona is very bad because it takes people and kills them. The Carreta is black and is very big.

One person said that he saw the Carreta Chillona and it tried to kill him. But the Carreta Chillona could not kill him because he ran away and the Carreta Chillona could not catch him.

El Hombre sin Cabeza

by Josue Montesino

One day a boy was walking through town and he saw the cemetery. He saw a man on a horse and he

was very scared.

Another day the boy was walking through the forest and the horseman appeared to him. The boy was running and running to his house, but the horseman knocked down the door. The horseman left and the boy decided to cross the forest again.

It was a night with a full moon. It was very cold and there was a lot of fog. The boy was surprised again by the horseman. When the boy saw him he was paralyzed. The horseman raised his sword and cut the boy's head off.

People say that the horseman rides at night to look for his head. The horseman is tall and is dressed in black. He has a huge horse. He rides with a large double-edged sword. The horseman has no head.

El Caballo Negro.

by Freddy Antonio Rivas.

One day in my country people talked about a black horse that is very evil because he likes to scare people in the cornfields.

"El Caballo Negro" is a black and big horse. His eyes are red and they look like fire in the dark. His hooves are as ugly as rotten bones. He makes noise like thunder when he runs.

"El Caballo Negro" goes to the cornfields and eats all the corn. He goes to the people's homes and scares them. The people are left without any food to eat or any money to live.




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