Difficult Experience

by Aissata Soumah

Leaving home is the hardest experience that all ESOL students have to have. The homes that you love and will always remember &endash; you may never see them again for the rest of your life.

Remember the first time that you found out that you were going to leave your country forever? You ran to your best friend and talked to her. You tried to make memories for the last time. Remember the house you used to live in and love, the food that you used to eat everyday?

Remember the things you used to do and love, the school you were going to, the friends you made during all those years and all the activities that you participated in? That was a happy time in your life. It is the time you will look back to.

Remember when you were making plans for yourself in the U.S.? You were going to have a better education and you were going to try to have a better life. But at that time you were feeling guilty and sad inside because you were going to leave everything you had in your life.

When the time came, you couldn't eat or sleep. You couldn't look at your best friend's eyes. You asked yourself, Who will you see again because life is short? At the same time you had a feeling that you never had before and you were crying inside

When you came to your new country, it was like you were reborn, starting to learn a new language, making new friends, and learning a new culture. But your life was miserable. You spent all your time crying and thinking. You asked yourself, Why did I come to this country? Why did I make this mistake? You were trying to fit in but it wasn't easy.

Later you learned to deal with the students and the teachers. You couldn't wait for the school day to be over so you could go home to your family. The only thing you could do to happy was to study and to pass your class.

Life is challenging sometimes, but you just have to deal with it and try to make the best of it. Life without is Nothing.