San Miguel's Carnival

by Cecilia Ventura

The Capital of El Salvador is San Salvador and San Miguel is like the second capital because every year one of the biggest annual celebrations is celebrated in San Miguel. It is a Carnival called El Carnaval De San Miguel.

The carnival is celebrated from November 13 to 31.There are many different things to do in the carnival. Every day it starts around 4 P.M. and continues to the next day. It has lots of entertainment. The streets are full of stands of food or things to buy. It also has games to play and different art exhibits.

Groups from other countries come to the carnival to present their shows that start around 9 p.m. Before the shows start, they have another show. This show has flowers and many different things called Carrosas "Floats" with lot of flowers. Each float has a candidate "La reina," the queen of the carnival. The girls on the floats dance while the floats move around the city. The part that every body waits for is when they throw candy to the people.

During this time every town celebrates a little carnival for one night with food, dance, games and firecrackers. On that night the people take a statue of Mary, "La Reina de la Paz," out of a church and go around the city of San Miguel. Every year they put a new dress on the statue and they make a big deal about this new dress. Catholic people walk with her, they take her flowers and candles and make wishes. In order to make a wish you have to promise something to La Reina and if the wish is made, you have to keep your promise.

The last day of the carnival is the 31st of November. They celebrate the end of the carnival with firecrackers for a long period of time and they have the last party of the carnival. The carnival even has it's own song called "El Carnival de San Miguel. Salvadoran people enjoy dancing to it.

Here in the United States the carnival is not celebrated (at least not in Silver Spring, MD) but when it is time for El Carnival some people go back to El Salvador every year to spend the last days of November in the carnival with there families.

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I was reading one of your articles about the "Carnaval de San Miguel", and you wrote that its not celebrated in the United States, but your wrong. It is celebrated here. The carnival isn't only celebrated in El Salvador. It is also celebrated in Houston, Tx., New York, Dallas, Tx., and in California. Just informing you a little bit more about the carnival since it seems you were still missing a little bit more information on it.

- Internet Reader, December 27, 2005