Where International Students Want to Live and Visit

By Elias Asamenew

International students have all had experiences in other countries. So I wanted to know if the students have an opinion of the best place to live in and visit.

The teachers let me give a survey to 41 international students. When it comes to picking a place where they prefer to live almost 1/2 of the students thought the USA was the one. But many still believe their countries are a better place to live in. Many of these students claim that if their countries had a better government, a better economy, and more opportunity they would live in their homelands. But for now they don't want to go back until these problems improve.

Among the areas of the world to visit, more students wish to go to the Caribbean than other places like Europe, Africa or Asia. Many said Caribbean countries have a lot of beautiful beaches, nice weather and people. Some of the countries in this region are Jamaica, Bahamas, Haiti and Dominican Republic.

Some students also have unique wishes. Safiya Khalid, who is a junior at Blair wants to go to " Mecca" some day in her life. " Mecca is holy place where Islam first started and where the Prophet Mohamed (peace upon him) died," said Safiya.

Umaru Williams, a freshman, wishes to go to an Island in Spain called Las Palmas. "The island weather is good and I like swimming," he said.

But For Leyou Genene, a sophomore, the most important wish remains returning back to homeland, Ethiopia. " After I finish my studies, I plan to go and I can't wait for it," she said.


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