Meet Mrs. Semirot, an ESOL Social Studies Teacher

by Elisabeth Michel

Ms. Semirot is a teacher at Montgomery Blair High School. She's from Russia. She has been in the United States since 1989. She has been working at Blair since 1992. She's teaching US History and she's also a student at George Mason University in Virginia.

Ms. Semirot was born and grew up in the Soviet Union, a Communist country. But not long ago she became a citizen of the United States. She changed because she learned the foundation of United States government and she loves it. She doesn't want to be anywhere else. This is her country now.

Ms. Semirot didn't like the Soviet government. "I feel very great to change my citizenship because I believe the United States is really a true country," she said. "I don't have any regrets about changing my citizenship."

Even though she's in the United States, she still has connections with her Russian friends and family. "They sometimes come here to visit," she said.

Ms. Semirot is now a student at George Mason University and is getting a degree in European history. "I want to understand what went wrong in Russia and what it's future can be, " she said.

She enjoys teaching ESL classes because she loves young people. "I learn a lot from the kids, their cultures," she said.

"I also enjoy working with other teachers at Blair. It has a wonderful program," she said.


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