E-Mail Can Help You Keep In Touch with Family and Friends

by Aminata Bangoura

The Internet has made it possible for us to communicate between each other around the world. Many people use the Internet for many purposes. Like shopping, school work, searching news etc. But the most common is e-mailing each other. Many teenagers and adults in the U.S. have e-mail addresses. Most of these people get their address from free e-mail providers.

Janet Nalvarte, a 9th grade ESOL student, is one of those students who has an e-mail address. Every day she connects to her e-mail provider. "I always check my e-mail because I know that my friends and family in Mexico will write to me."

Janet found out about having a free e-mail account by just logging onto the Internet. She has had her the same address for about one year.

A survey was given to 100 ESOL students to ask if they have an e-mail addresses or not. According to the survey, 29% of these students have an e-mail account. Of those who don't have one, 46% said that they would like to have one.

There are many free e-mail companies but the most known ones are Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL Instant Messenger. These companies provide free e-mail and so many people have them, especially in the U.S where many homes have computers.

Getting your own free e-mail account is easy. Here is how to do it on Yahoo.

First you type in and it will show you the Web site. You click on "mail" or "Yahoo Free Email for Life." A page will be displayed where you could click on "Sign me up." This will bring you to a page where you put your own information. Then it's going to ask you about the Yahoo I.D and you will have to enter the e-mail address you want. The computer will tell you if someone else has that address. After entering all your information you click on the "Submit" button and you're ready to go. Now you could e-mail your friends and family in your country who have e-mail addresses.

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