Spirited Students Present Blair's International Show 2000

by Bezawit Abebe

Montgomery Blair's International Club presented the International Show 2000 on Friday April 7, 2000. It was a unique cultural experience brought to you by many of Blair's international students.

The show presented dances and fashions from various parts of the world. The students intentions were to present their cultures and traditions to the community. Countries represented were Cameroon, Korea, various Latin countries, the Congo, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Haiti and Kenya.

The opening act was a parade presenting all the different groups. As the groups crowded the stage, many in their country's traditional clothes, they waved flags of different countries.

There were a total of 12 acts. The first group performed a traditional Cameroonian dance. The Koreans performed a Korean break dance interpretation. A Latin group showed a popular Latin dance. Students from the Congo danced a traditional dance. Next was a Vietnamese fashion show in which they showed traditional clothes that men and women wear on different occasions.

The show continued with the Ethiopians dancing Guraghia one of the many dances of Ethiopia. A group from Haiti performed a modern Haitian dance. A Latin dance filled the room with more excitement. That was followed by a dance from Kenya and finally Venessa Masaya performed as Selena.

As all the students came on stage for their final bows, the audience clapped and cheered. It was clear that the students were proud that they exposed the Blair community to some of their cultures and traditions.

"Wow, it was wonderful, it was cool. Every thing was perfect," said sophomore Liwen Ye.

"I'm very proud of the students. It went very well," said Ms. Margarita Bohorquez, the sponsor of the International Club who directed the show with the help of Mrs. Karen Shilling who directed shows in past years.

International shows are a Blair tradition that started in the early 1970's.

In addition to evening shows, Blair's international students have presented international festivals and international assemblies to students at Blair and other elementary and middle schools. Now this tradition has been carried into the new century.

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