Census 2000: A Chance to Help Our Futures

by Safiya Khalid

Every 10 years people living in the United States must be counted. Every person living in a house or apartment, people of all ages and no matter if you are citizen or not as long as you live in the United States you must be counted.

In the beginning of March everyone in U.S received Census 2000 application mailed home to fill in. If your family did not fill out a census form and mail it, someone will go knock on your door to ask the questions on the form. Your participation in helping the census people is very important. Some of the importance is that the number of representatives each state has in Congress depends on the number of people living in the state.

You are not helping Congress only but your community as well. Your response helps determine the amount of government money your neighborhood receives. That means that money used for schools, roads and services for children and older persons depends on how many people are counted in the census.

Some people don't want to be counted in the census because they are afraid of the government or maybe there is someone living in an apartment that is not supposed to be there. When you answer the census questions, no one can see what you answered. Your privacy is protected by the law. Only the census people can see that information and they can use it for counting people only.

It's important that all of us help the census workers. As the advertisement says, "This is your future. Don't leave it blank!"

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