Writing From Other Schools


A Gold Rock

by Tony Kals, Wood M.S.

Once upon a time there was a boy. He was short. Everybody made fun of him. Then he stared crying. Suddenly a person appeared. He said, " If you go to the mountains and your find a golden rock, then you can wish anything."

Then the next day he went to the mountains. When he finally got there he saw so many people behind the mountains looking for the rock, that he knew he couldn't get the rock. He sat down. Then he saw a shinny rock and it was the golden rock. He wished to be tall then he lived happily ever after.


School in Azerbaijan

by Okuma Kerimova, Piney Branch E.S.

In my school we wore uniforms. The shirt has to be white and the dress has to be blue. Your hair needs to be up in a band. If you would wear your hair down, you would be in trouble. They do that because it is bad when your hair falls down on your paper. Then you can not see anything. The country where I lived is called Azerbaijan.

My school started at 2:00 and finished at 5:00 o'clock. When you are in grade 6, school will start in the morning and will finish at noon. We go to school on Saturdays in my country.

In my country we keep our same teacher and same classes until 4th grade. It is hard there because they teach you a lot, but I think it is good and I love that. In my country I went to music school and I liked that. I studied piano. I miss my friends, my teachers, my country and my house.


School in Angola

by Fineza Mangombe, Piney Branch E.S.

In my school in Angola you have to wear a uniform. If you don't wear a uniform, you don't go to school.

In my school you have to bring your lunch. If you do not bring your lunch, you will eat the soup that they give you.

We do not have a bus. At my school, you have to walk to school.

I felt good in that school. The children were nice. When we had a test, we learned a little English like " Hi!, how are you?"

I like both of my schools. They are both cool.


My Life in Bangladesh

by Farhat Jahan, Piney Branch E.S.

My name is Farhat Jahan. I used to live in Bangladesh and then I moved to the USA.

I really miss my country. My brother and I used to live with my grandmother and my grandfather. I always played with my grandfather and sometimes I helped my grandmother clean the yard. In the kitchen I helped her cut up and clean vegetables.

I miss my school and my friends, too. I used to play with them all the time. I miss my cousins who came to visit me from another part of Bangladesh. I miss my pet, a cat.

Now, I am in the United States and sometimes I want to go back to my country. But I like the USA, too.


Busy Day

by Charlie Chui, Wood M.S.

The story "Busy Day" is about a family. The first thing they did in the morning was to dress-up. then they bought a restaurant. That day was snowy, the road had turned into ice. They thought they were going to make a lot of money that day. They started setting-up the restaurant. At noon they started the restaurant. Suddenly thousands and thousands of phone calls came, so they started working. At last, they had finished their work and they made over $1,000 that day.


Good-Bye Pei Qiong

by Pei Qiong Huang, Wood M.S.

In February 1998, that day I went to school, and I was so happy, because my classmates and my teacher had a party for me. The party first started like this. Some classmates each brought a gift to me. I was so happy. Someone gave me a watch, cards, toys and told me to say something. I was so happy, I almost cried. I couldn't believe they were having a party just for me. On February 17, 1998, I left from China to here. I will never forget my classmates.


School in Pakistan

by Shaheer Tariq, Piney Branch E.S.

In my school we have to come in a uniform. The shirt is white, the pants are gray, the socks are white and the shoes are black. If you don't have a uniform, you can't come to school.

I went to school on the bus. If I missed the bus, I went on my uncle's motorbike. My school was very far from my house. We needed to cross the roads but where I lived in Lahore, there wasn't much traffic.

We ate our lunch at recess. You needed to bring your own lunch and you can share your lunch with anybody. If you didn't have your own lunch, you had to ask somebody to share his lunch.

School in my country was great. I like school here, too.


One Special Day in My Country

by Armen Zakharyan, Wood M.S.

June 12 was our Independence Day. This was a holiday. At first, I attended the parade with government and non-government agencies including some schools. Next I watched a program which is usually opened by high ranking national or local officials. Later, I watched the cultural dancing and finally joined the luncheon, after watching them butcher some pigs. At last I got to see how they do it.


The Dragon in the City

by Carlos Altan, Wood M.S.
A long time ago in 1900 there was a dragon egg. People thought that the dragons were fake. While people thought that the dragon was growing up. One day in 1920 the dragon appeared for the first time on a farm. Next they saw him in a forest. Finally the dragon found a home in the city. A kid found out that there was a big hole in the ground. The grown ups found out and they went to see what it was. They found a nest of big eggs. They destroyed the eggs and the dragon. Just one egg wasn't destroyed because the egg was dropped in a hole so they couldn't find it. Will the egg hatch and become a dragon that will destroy the city?

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