Our Families &endash;

By Students in Rolling Terrace Elementary School

Indunil Rajapakse

My name is Indunil. I have two sisters. I am ten years old. I like to play basketball and tennis. Sometimes I go to McDonalds. We go to Pizza Hut. I go to the swimming pool with my family. My mom's name is Mallika. Dad's name is Cyril. We go to the park. It is fun. We are always happy. I love my family.

Erica Rubio

My name is Erica. I came from Washington State. I like myself because I have a nice mom and dad. I like my family because they are nice to me. They buy me toys and clothes. I like this county because there are stores and nice people. I like to walk my dog in the neighborhood.


William Ventura

My name is William. I have a big family and they are very nice. Sometimes they go out with me to the movies and they go someplace that I didn't know before. I am very happy. My friends and I go to play soccer. I remember my country El Salvador. I remember when it was Christmas day. My friends and I played with firecrackers. I remember my school and my home in El Salvador.


Marjine Silvas

My name is Marjine. I come from the United States. My family is nice to me. I have a small family. I go to the mall with my whole family. I like to buy. My country is nice because a lot of bad things don't happen. I like to play with my friend.

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