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by Jodian Allen
Jamaica, land of wood and water...the smell of ackee and salt fish cooking... the taste of my sister's stewed chicken.
Jamaica, the white sandy beaches and the clear blue sea... people on boat's riding... people dancing in the sun.
Jamaica, land of great reggae music and great stage show's ...the children always laughing...going to school dressed in their neat uniforms.
Jamaica, evening time... the sun sets...beautifully going down...slowly like it is melting in the sea.
Jamaica, night comes and the stars and moon shine down so bright.... like diamonds in the sky...time to go bed. It's so quiet you can hear the wind blowing.


Ode to Sweet Football

by Dinardo CocaS
weet football of my wild dreams
That I always feel in each
Part of my body; exploding in my head.
A rude sport for players
Made of steel who are standing
On a big green balancing scale
Which measures the power
Of each of the big bear-like players
This is for all those days
That I was standing on the big green blanket
Which thrilled me as it passed in front of my eyes.
The energy of the game felt like warplanes flying
Through my veins.
Oh, football, painfully exciting
The players like furious
Sharks in a giant tank, grinding their teeth, and
Looking for the next feeding frenzy.
Oh, football,
It is as sweet to me as honey is to bears.
Oh, painful football,
The fire is always burning.

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