Doors We Have Passed Through

From John Kennedy High School
Students in Mr. Bunch's class read a poem titled "Prospective Immigrants, Please Note" that uses the image of passing through a door to r F. epresent the decision to leave one's country. These are only a few of the many excellent responses we received. We are sorry we could not print all of them.

Myat Win (Burma)

A "door" represents the way of my new life. In the past, I lived in Burma. Now I am in the United States of America. In my country, I didn't know very much. I didn't have much knowledge. In America, I learned many kinds of cultures. I have some knowledge. In my country, I had less high school education. In America, I am still learning more. So, my life changed a lot. In the past, I couldn't do anything by myself. Now, I can do many things.

A different "door" represents the way of my future. Now I am a high school student. I hope to pass through that door because I want to become an engineer. So, I think I will face many kinds of challenges when I pass through the door. There are many steps to get my hope. I need to pass four years of high school and four years of university and another four years of engineering university.

Pamela Valladares (Honduras)

I would go through a door if I knew that it was a good choice. If not, I would stay where I am. But, I think sometimes we have to take risks in our lives even if you can lose or win. The doors are open to several places, but you have to choose the best one. I would go through the door to another country, because it is a good choice. But it is difficult to live in this country because you have to learn another language and another culture. But it is good because it brings you a lot of opportunities that in my country I never had.


Michael Rojas (Nicaragua)

This is the door that I have gone through..
This is the door of my life.
This is the door that gave me opportunity
to remember an important time of my life.
Times that doubly make me feel that I am born again because a lot of things can happen in one day. It is strange and scary that I'm not going to see the beautiful people that I left over there (in my country).
But if I never met this door, I would have always held my position and lived like a blind person without vision.


Ibrahim Timite (Ivory Coast)

The door that I have gone through in my life is my coming to the United States, which has really changed my life. When I came here many things happened, new to me. I never believed that my life could change. I never thought that I would be one day far from home and my parents. I was here in a new world without knowing what was going to happen to me. It makes me grow up, be more mature, and be more responsible.

In my future, I hope to pass through the door of my success. When I will pass through this door, my life will change. Because everything I wanted, everything I was dreaming about will come true. But it's a big challenge for me. It's very hard. You have to be patient and very brave.


Thanh Thao Nguyen (Vietnam)

I went through the door: I came to another country. When I looked back at my country, it was poor and didn't have a future. But in the new country, everything was different and very advanced. I have come to a big school, live in a big house, will have a job and a car. I have a computer and TV, but in the future I will have everything that I want to have. I'm really glad that I chose to come to another country.


Ana Maria Iriarte (Columbia)

I am the door.
I am a way you can go through or not.
But if you go through, you will see new things.
I am a piece of your life,
but it is your choice to go through me.
You can go through or not.
But sometimes you don't have the choice.
If you need some way to go, go through me.
Maybe I can help you. Or not.
But if you decide you want me,
I'll wait for you for a long time.


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