Meet Mr. Wacke, School Security

by Elisabeth Michel

Mr. Harry Wacke is a security staff member at Blair High School. He is the only security officer who speaks Spanish.

Mr. Wacke was born in New York City and he learned Spanish at home from his parents. He was educated in New York City. He has had many different work experiences. He was in the Air Force for 20 years. He was in college for a few years and was a police cadet, too. He also worked as an education assistant for students who were behind in math and reading.

He started working security in Montgomery County in 1998 at Eastern Middle School and he came to work at Blair in 1999 during the summer. "I wanted to work security in schools because that was one of my past jobs and I like to work with young people," he said.

Mr. Wacke helps all kind of students not only Hispanic students even though he is Hispanic. "I encourage students to achieve," he said.

Mr. Wacke also works with a program in school called "peer mediation." Peer mediation is a way for students who are having problems with each other to talk about their problems. "It's important for both students to talk," he said. "If you talk, you don't have to fight"

"I enjoy working with students but some of them give me hard time because they don't have respect." But he likes working at Blair because the variety of the students.

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