Getting Started in a U.S High School

By Liwen Ye

When I came to America from China, everything was new in my eyes. My new life was beginning to start here also. I felt I was lucky that I would go to school for education and I would learn more from school. (That includes writing, reading and speaking English.)

Before we could go to school, we had to get a shot, but I didn't understand about that. Why did we have to get a shot? When we came to this country, we already did that.

After that, I went to the school. My school was very beautiful. It is named Montgomery Blair High School. When I went to the building, it was very huge inside. I was surprised that I could see a big building. This is still a big impression in my mind.

I will never forget that I met Ms. Semirot, who was my history teacher. I really learned a lot from her. I remember that the first time I took a quiz in her class my grade was bad. It made my dad mad and it hurt my feelings also. Slowly, slowly, while Ms. Semirot helped me, my grade improved very fast.

Right now Ms. Semirot is still my teacher. When I don't know how to fill out the words, she helps me. That's how nice she is. I'm really happy to get helping from her in her class. I will never forget her familiar voice and her smiling.


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