A Former ESOL Student Talks about Life in College

by Narema Alli

Rafael Reyes is a former ESOL student who attended Montgomery Blair High School last year and is now attending Montgomery College. Rafael is taking EL classes, which are like ESOL classes for college students.

Rafael thinks that he did not work hard enough his senior year in high school and now he is regretting it. "I was missing classes and did not pass my ESOL exam which allowed me to make it to regular English."

After high school, he could not afford to pay his college tuition for his classes, but he was able to get financial aid. "But they told me that I must pass the classes that I am taking to get financial aid," he said.

Rafael thinks that he is taking challenging classes because his EL class is very close to regular English. His average is about 2.0, which he said is a C average.

One of the things that he finds different between high school and college is that in college they expect perfect writing, spelling and grammar. But in high school they really didn't look for things like spelling or grammar as much.

Some advice that he would like to give to ESOL students now is, "Work hard, go to school everyday, take the SAT, and try your best to pass the ESOL test."

Rafael is now trying to get out of his EL classes and move on to his regular English class. He can also start taking other classes for his career.

But Rafael has faith in himself to succeed in college now. He plans to work harder to get where he can be proud of himself.


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