Volume 14 No. 1

Fall, 1999

Remembering Fall in Uruguay, My Country
by Rosina Speranza
In fall I used to go to the country with my family, cousins, uncles and grandmother during the week we call “semana santa.” In fall the country is wonderful because all the ground is covered with leaves and some flowers and animals are all around. But since my grandmother died, my family does not go anymore.
Our country home is Rio Negro. We would travel around three hours, singing all the way. The house is not very big, just three bedrooms, one living room and two bathrooms. I remember all the ground covered with leaves, my sister used to walk through them. I remember the crisp sound of the crunching leaves. The sky in fall was blue and sometimes gray. My cousin and I played with the clouds imagining pictures. Also I remember the sounds of the animals at 5:00 a.m. I got up with those fantastic sounds. I will never forget that.
In the morning, my cousins and I went hiking and around 2:00 p.m. we returned to have lunch. In the afternoon, we all went to ride horses. That is what I liked that most.
Around 8:00pm, we had dinner. After dinner some of us played cards, some played Pictionary, and the others talked. Those were the best moments.
I can hear the laughing now. I can smell the honey because after dinner we ate bread with honey. I like this very much.
I loved the country because it was so peaceful. I used to read under the trees and that was romantic. I remember where we took care of the baby cows. It was incredible.
All this describes my best fall in my country, Uruguay.

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