Volume 14 No. 1

Fall, 1999

Congressman Wynn Comes to Blair
On October 18 (1999), Congressman Albert Wynn came to Blair to talk with students in Mr. West's and Mr. Bellino's government classes and to get the student’s opinions about the problem of violence in schools. Here is what some of the students in Mr. Bellino's classes wrote about this topic

Juan Masaya
I think about what everybody said in the meeting. Students need to be careful about weapons in the school. When somebody brings a weapon we need to go to tell the administrators or security in the school because violence is one of the biggest problems in the world. We need the students to help the security in the school.

Hema Godwin
Students must have a good relationship with their parents. They have to consult with them about their problems. This can prevent the misbehavior of the students. Parents have to know about their children's friends. If their children have bad friends, they have to separate their children from them. The teachers have to watch whether they have dangerous weapons or not. They have to dismiss such misbehaving students from school.

Junior Max Destine

I was very happy to see Congressman Wynn. He was talking about problems in schools like gangs, crews, and guns. Some of the students must help with a solution. My advice to Congressman Albert Wynn is to put a student club in every school to talk about weapons and violence in school.

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