Volume 14 No. 1

Fall, 1999

Meet Mr. Sen, a Former Cambodian Diplomat
by Bezawit Abebe
Mr. Dikhayuko Sen has been an instructional assistant in the ESOL department at Blair since 1988. But before that he was a diplomat for his native country Cambodia.
Mr. Sen came to the U.S. as a diplomat in 1969. He was a diplomat of Cambodia. He lived in several countries and he speaks seven different languages. Beside his native language of Cambodian he also speaks French, English, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.
Even though he is no longer a diplomat Mr. Sen is enjoying his job in the ESOL department. He is very happy to be working in a democratic country. “To leave one’s own country is difficult. But to enjoy one’s democracy is enjoyable,” he said.
He left his country because the government in Cambodia changed but is concerned about going back to his country at this time. “I am afraid of the prospect of not enjoying the taste of liberty and democracy in today’s Cambodia,” he said.
As a diplomat he had an interesting life. He used to meet many important people and go to a lot receptions. Even though he does not do that anymore, he likes being in a country where he has freedom.
When he started working at Blair it was hard for him to change from being a diplomat to an instructional assistant. “Of course I felt bad at the beginning changing from a good life to a difficult life,” he said. But now he is happy. Mr. Sen enjoys working with students learning English as second language now. He would not want to go back to being a diplomat because here he enjoys the kindness of people.
He is planning to retire in the spring of next year. If indeed he retires, he will be missed by many.

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