ESOL Students and Home Computers

by Meron Afework

In the new school we have a lot of computers. Back in the old Blair we didn't have as many new computers as we have now. Silver International did a computer survey about ESOL students who have computers. We wanted to know how many don't have computers and how many do have a computer but they can't use it (maybe because it belongs to their family or someone else). We also asked about students who have access to the Internet from home. We asked if they think it helps them with school work.

206 ESOL students returned the paper we gave them. 27% said there is a computer in their house that they can use. 63% said they don't have a computer. I0% said there is a computer at home but they can't use it. Only 28 students, 36% of those who have computer at home, said they have access to the Internet.

Most of the students who have a computer use Windows or DOS. Only I2% have an Apple or Macintosh computer. A lot of people who have computers use them for typing and doing homework only. Because they have old computers, they don't have access to the Internet. 62% of the students who have computers say they are helpful in schoolwork. 23% say they are not helpful in the schoolwork. I4% say they are helpful but not all the time - only when they have a project.

Suzie is an IIth grade ESOL student. She said, "My computer is helpful in my schoolwork and in every class, especially my computer class and when I have a project to do. My computer contacts me all over in the world so it's fun."

Jamila is a I0th grade ESOL student. She said, "I don't have a computer. I think it would be helpful for my homework. Sometimes when l have a project to do in computers or when I want to practice typing for my speed, I use the school computer. If I had one at home l would have access to the Internet and l could talk to the world."

Rahel is a 9th grade ESOL student. She said her computer is not very helpful. "l have a computer but it's broken and l did not use it. My brother used it. He was playing games with it. But it doesn't matter if we have it or not," she said.

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