Our Mothers

by Noemi Cuba

My mother is important to me because she raised me since I was born. She is important to me because she's part of my life and she forms my family with her love and with those little things that she does

You know always when I see my mother it's a pleasure to me. Usually I don't have time to see her. She is a woman that works a lot and she doesn't have much time for us. Even on the day she doesn't work I come from school and it's not the same like the others.

She is in our hearts and feelings that we always carry with us. You know without her everything would be more difficult for us. That's why always whatever she says is for your own good. When somebody asks me who taught me my answer is "my mom."


by Juan Dinarte

I want to say thanks to my mother because she is so nice to me. She always is there when I need somebody as a friend or mom. I like the way she tells me what is right and what is wrong. I also would like to say to thank God for giving me a good mother. I want to tell those people that are bad with their mothers to respect them because there is only one mother in your life.

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