Ethiopia and Eritrea - Peace Again!

by Mesherem Birratu

Ethiopia is a country located in East Africa. There has been a war between Ethiopia and Eritrea for a long time. Eight years ago Eritrea became independent. After it became independent a war started again between these two countries. During the war a lot of people died and people lost their jobs. Each country spent millions of dollars on the war. That can affect the countries' economy. Ethiopia expanded its military budget and was also raising money from Ethiopians in other countries.

The reason why fighting broke up was because both countries wanted to control a piece of land known as Badme. Ethiopians believed it belonged to them. Eritreans believed it belonged to Eritrea.

Eritrea deported many Ethiopians who were living in Eritrea and took their property. It really hurt the people. Ethiopian did too. And deported Eritreans who were living in Ethiopia after Eritrea began deporting Ethiopians.

Now there is a kind of peace between these two countries because after fighting for a while, Eritreans couldn't defend themselves. Ethiopia won the war and took the land. In the peace agreement Ethiopia returned many Eritrean soldiers.

Before Ethiopia and Eritrea were one nation. We were like brothers and sisters. Now after Eritrea became independent we started hating each other. At Blair we have some students who are from Ethiopia and Eritrea and we didn't even talk to each other because our countries were fighting each other. We started hating each other. I believe that we are still the same people, and we are going to be together because fighting is not the situation. I hope we students will be able to understand each other and become friendly.

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