Making Use of the Career Center

by Jorge Benitez

People ask what the Career Center is about. The Career Center is a place in our school that provides information about the possible careers that will be available 10 years from now and also what training you will need for those careers when you are ready.

The Career Center once was just the right place for me to find information about the opportunities that the Navy had for me once I join.

To be more specific I will say that I took a pamphlet from the Career Center about the Navy and then I read it. That way I found out that once you're in the Navy, you get a certain quantity of money for college depending on how many years you serve.

In the Career Center there's someone that provides help. Her name is Mrs. Williams. She does other work though and sometimes she's really busy, but despite that she does make time to help those who have questions.

The Career Center is always open during the week. Everyone can go there and use it whenever it is available. So if during lunch you are kind of bored, go to the Career Center and have fun reading books that tell you about Universities or something else!


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