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The students writing on this page is from students at Nathan Bishop Middle School in Providence, Rhode Island and Piney Branch Elementary School in Takoma Park, Maryland.


by Yahaira Velez, Nathan Bishop M.S.
I lie in my bed.
My eyes close.
I see him.
Short black hair.
Hazel eyes.
Hot body.
My black Indian
I smell his cologne ... Polo.
I go with him to the movies.
I eat with him
at Mc Donalds.
I taste the fresh breath
of the morning air.
I wake up see you again tomorrow

my P.R. dream man.


Baseball Poems

by Raydi Santos, Nathan Bishop M.S.
Roses are red violets are blue.
I like blueberries
to get rid of the flue.
My player Babe Ruth . .
It makes me sad when Sammy Sosa,
Mark Maguire beat
Roger Maris and Babe Ruth's
It wasn't a pretty sight.
But Babe Ruth
and Roger Maris feel
happy about somebody to beat
their fabulous records.


by Nelson Amaral, Nathan Bishop M.S.
Dreams are nice to
Remember all of the things we dream and
Even have an
Adventure without getting out of
My bed.


Just Don't Do It

by Juan Mejia, Nathan Bishop M.S.
Just Don't:
Don't use drugs.
Don't be cool.
Be Yourself.
Don't smoke your brain.
The fact is it kills.
It gives you cancer.
If you aren't being yourself,
You're being stupid.

No Smoking

by Hector Matta, Nathan Bishop M.S.
One day I was with my friend walking to school. He asked me if I wanted to smoke with him. I said no I don't smoke. He got mad with me and I went home to sleep. The next day he came to my house. We played baseball in the park. I said to him, "Stop smoking." He said, "That is my life." I joked, "No; It's your death."



Snow Come Home

by Aracely Blanco, Piney Branch E. S.
Snow, please come home
To play with me on a snowy day.
Without you snow, I won't feel the sprinkles on my nose.
Please come home to make a snowman with a bow.



My Dream Boy

Is he skittish? "yes"
Does he have blond hair? "yes"
Is he shy? "yes"
Is he cute? "yes"
Does he love to smile? "yes"
Is he going to be his majesty of London? "yes "
Can I take a guess?
Sure why not.
It's the dream boy, Prince William.Yes.


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