John F. Kennedy H.S. Students Write about The Last of the Mohicans*

This year students in all ESOL level 3 classes in Montgomery County, Maryland, read a book called The Last of the Mohicans. The original book was written by James Fenimore Cooper. The version that the students read was adapted for ESOL students by Les Martin. Students at John F. Kennedy H.S. in Silver Spring, Maryland have shared their opinions of this book with Silver International readers. Here are selections from reports the students wrote about the book.

General Summary and Characters

Vania Garcia

In the 1700's, during the French and Indian War, there developed a fight between the Mohicans and the Hurons. The war waged in North America, in the wilderness and forest. This story tells us about two sisters that must cross a territory to find their father. They were going with some Indians (the Mohicans), but everybody had to fight against the Hurons when they wanted to cross the territory.


Nikola Di Givlio

The Last of the Mohicans talks about the voyage of two pretty woman, Cora and Alice, in the English colonies in North America. They have to pass by many difficulties of the war between Great Britain and France to see their father Colonel Munro, at Fort William Henry. To make this possible, they find the help of Major Duncan Heyward, a British officer in charge of taking them safely to their father. On their way they find a scout raised by Indians named Natty Bumppo and a brave pair of Indians, Chingachgook, who is the older and Wiser. Also, he is the father of the other Indian, Uncas, the son, who is a quick young Indian. With them they must cross the hostile territory to find Colonel Munro.


Pedja Kresevlkajovik

Major Heyward was a "brave young British officer." Cora and Alice were sisters and they searched for their father. Cora was "bold and spirited. She said what she thought and did what she thought was best." Alice was "gentle and sweet tempered. She put her trust in the goodness of others." Natty was "tall and lean." He was strong and brave. Chingachgook was old, but still strong and brave. His son Uncas was "strong as a bull and brave."



Things We Liked

Evin Escobar

The positive thing about this novel is how these characters work as a team. For example, Natty, Chingachgook and Uncas help the other people and each other because they look like a family for all of them.


Ana Zepeda

In my opinion I think the positive things of this novel were that it was real: it happened in real life. It had a lot of adventures, such as when they fight or for example when Alice, Cora and Chingachgook were in a canoe and they didn't know that a giant waterfall was dead ahead.


Marvin Guevara

I like the way the author wrote this book, the wilderness, the action and the characters. I also like how Uncas cares about Cora.


Animesh Kumar

I like a lot of things about the novel. First, I like the action. Second I like the way the writer explained the characters like, "His face was noble. His body was like a Greek god in a museum." Third, I liked the way fighting was described. Friends care about each other in this novel. I like Uncas, who always tried to help others.


Van Vu

There were several positive things about the novel. The first positive thing was the romances. For example, Uncas liked Cora, and Heyward liked Alice. Second, I liked the warm friendships between Natty, Uncas, and Heyward. Finally, the revenge between Magua and Colonel Munro was exciting.



Things We Didn't Like

Nuttakorn Ketutat

There is too much fighting because the French and the Indians were fighting for nothing. They could solve their problems by talking, but they did not do it because they were fighting. After everything was done, a lot of people died because of conflict.


Alisa Pojani

The author should have written more about Mohicans because their name was in the title of the book and the Mohicans were supposed to be the main characters of the story. I also didn't like the violence and the killings in this novel, but that wasn't the author's fault because that is what happens in war. The last thing that I didn't like in the book was the end, but I am not going to tell you how it ends. You have to read it!


Kyong Pil Kang

The negative thing about this novel is that it describes Native Americans like bad people or enemies and there is a lot of violence. The fighting could be positive or negative. It could make the novel fun for people who do not like it. But the negative thing is it would be dangerous for children who think that violence is good.


Will Cherubin

I did not really like the violence because in the middle of the book all they talked about was killing and killing doesn't really solve anything. And I didn't really like the part when they were trying to kill Uncas because he was a good man.



Our Recommendations

Iman Hassouneh

I would recommend this novel to high school ESOL students. The beginning is boring, but it gets better and you want to know what will happen. It will teach you many things about the Indians that you didn't know before. It also will teach you how people act in certain situations.


Kunal Langhnoja

Yes, I will recommend this book to a high school student. If they will read this book, students will learn about what Native Americans do and what problems they had. If they read chapter 1 of this book, they will want to finish all chapters of the book, the same as me, because it is interesting.


Alain Ntahomvukiye

I will not recommend this novel to high school ESOL students. There is too much violence and some of the Indian students will feel bad about the novel. The narrator says that they say that Hurons were the worst group of Indians. Is that true? I really think it is a bad recommendation for high school ESOL students.


David Godoy

I recommended this novel calledThe Last of the Mohicans. It is a very good novel. It's about adventures. I recommended it to the ESOL students at other schools like John F. Kennedy High School. Everyone can read it!


Jamilo Shiekh Osman

I would recommend high school ESOL students read this book. It's good for the students who need to learn how to read and want to learn new words. This novel has many new words and idioms and expressions. It is also interesting and it is a small book that you can finish in one day and then review it to understand.

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