My Story: From Vietnam to the United States

by Tram Bui

Vietnam's GirlAbout My Country

Most people know Vietnam had a lot of involvement in war and many people remember the war in 1975. In 1975 most Vietnamese had a terrible life. Some had to leave their country and some died. In 1975 the Vietcong came and took over North Vietnam, and this is how Vietnam changed in a few years. After the Vietcong took over most Vietnamese were poor, or if their family had a member that was an army officer, the government came and took over their house or they could take them to school to reeducate them. But at least that's what they said. It was really jail. And now Vietnam is in the middle - not poor, not rich. If there are rich people they are Vietcong daughters or sons.

My Life in Vietnam

I was born in NhaTrang. I lived with my mom, sister, my uncle, my aunt and my grandma. I didn't live with my father I heard my mom say that my father went to America. That's all I know about my father.

We lived in a middle class house, but we all had fun. My mom went to work. My sister and I went to school. In Vietnamese schools you have to wear uniforms, white and blue. I remember once I was in third grade or forth grade and I was talking to my friend during class time. The teacher came and took out a stick and hit us. If teacher gave you homework to remember a story and you didn't remember it, they could beat you and then ask you to stand outside the classroom. I didn't like the school I went to in my country. I wished I could go to another country or city.

But then come some good news. My Aunt sent us a letter and said that we could come to America. I think my Aunt sponsored me and my family. I was happy and sad. Sad because I had to say good-bye to my friends and happy because I could see a whole new world out there and waiting for me. Only my mom and my sister were going. My grandma didn't want to go.

Coming to the U.S.

We came to America by airplane. When we traveled we stopped at other places like Thailand, Japan, New York, etc When we first came to America I saw white, Black, and Hispanic people. I looked at them like they came from another planet and they looked at me in the same way. When I came to America I was only ten or eleven year sold, so I didn't know.

After my uncle and my aunt arrived, we went to their apartment. Then a couple of months later my sister and I started school. I didn't have to repeat class. I just continued in my half year of fourth grade.

When we came to school my sister and I had different classes because she is older than me by two years. I was all alone. When I came to class the other kids were looking at me, and some were teasing me and they hurt my feeling by laughing at me. But I had some good friends. They were Black and White. They helped me with my English, and taught me how to play sports. My favorite sports are baseball and hockey.

Every day after school my sister and I like to go out and play or we could watch TV. I love to watch cartoons, like super Man, Casper, Power Ranger, Bobby and etc…

My mom is always telling us to learn more English because she wants my sister and me to have a good education. She says to always be proud of who you are. I have a dream that someday I will be a doctor, a good doctor, and my sister wants to be accountant. I hope that one day my goal and my sister's goal will come true.

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