My Story:From the Dominican Republic to the United States

by Edelina Bonilla

About My Country

The Dominican Republic is a little country but it has a lot of beautiful places. We celebrate February 27 because that was Dominican Independence Day, the day we liberated ourselves from Haitians.

Many people that live in my country have brown skin and their hair is not fine. But some people's hair is fine because they are mixed with Europeans maybe through their father or mother.

In my country if you are rich they treat you like a king but if you are poor they treat you like garbage. But if you returned after living in America they treat you like a king. Everyone that used to treat you bad now they treat you good because you have been in America. In my country when you came from America they ask you to pay more. If a mango costs $1.00 they tell you it costs $6.00 because they think if you have been in America that you are rich.

But don't get me wrong because my country is a very beautiful place. It has so many beaches and the climate is great. The food is delicious and the people treat you well.


When I First Came

On my first day of school in America I felt so strange. Teachers were giving me strange looks. I felt so bad when everyone in the class started talking about me. They said things like, "You see the new girl? She dresses weird and she speaks funny." Everyone started to laugh about me.

Every day was the same thing. I didn't have any friends. When I went home every day and cried my sister said, "I am tired of you coming home crying. I need to talk to the principal." So my sister talked with the principal. After that everything got better. After a while I started to have friends and I was playing with them after school and they were very nice.

Everyday I got lost in school. The school was so big. In my country the schools are not that big like here.


My Dreams

I am planning for my future to have a successful career. I am not sure what it is going to be yet. But I want it to be a very important career so my mother will feel proud of me. After I finish high school, I'm going to my country for a month. Then I'm going to came back and go to college. After I finish I'm going to save money because I want to build a big house for my mother.

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