Sign Up for Silver International's Journalism Class

by Emmanuel Wehjla

Picture of Emmanuel working Are you thinking about what class to take for next year? Silver International's journalism class may be the one for you.

Silver International, has a long history with the school. Silver International was founded in Blair thirteen years ago to encourage international students to tell their stories and let other students know about their lives before migrating to America. This newspaper also causes students to read and know about other countries and get a broad knowledge about some countries in the world.

Current staff members are concerned that not a lot of students are encouraged to join Silver International. Montgomery Blair has more than nine hundred international students but the staff comprises only eight members, not counting the students who help after school.

I was encouraged by my teacher, Ms. Shilling to sign up for the class last year and I think it is a good thing for teachers to do. The staff of Silver International is urging more international students to think seriously about this class.

This course is about journalism. We started this course at the beginning of the school year and now we have more access to computers than before. We learn how to do layout on the computers. We also learn how to interview other people and take notes on what they say. This course also gives students the knowledge of how to write and design a newspaper. In that process it helps students with writing skills.

There are many reasons to take this class. One of the most important for me is the class is very easy to pass if you meet all the deadlines. Students also learn a lot from the class too. Because Silver International is published on the World Wide Web, we learn how to do Web pages, too.

If you want to learn more about computers and want to improve your English language both verbal and written, then sign up for the Silver International journalism class next year.

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