Meet Mrs. Bohórquez, a Lawyer Turned ESOL Teacher

by Babak Ganjavian

Mrs. Bohorquez HelpingMs. Margarita Bohórquez is an ESOL teacher at Montgomery Blair High School. This academic year is her first year of teaching. She practiced law in the past.

Although she was a lawyer, she was never a lawyer in court. "Only a small percentage of lawyers make it to court," she said. As a lawyer she was in the practice of "Public Interest" which mostly deals with Social Security and non-profit organizations. Public Interest lawyers help people to get social security benefits. A non-profit organization is an organization that helps people and often gets money from the government.

Bohórquez said that students who are just learning English should not be afraid law because of English "English is not a barrier for becoming a lawyer," she said. "If anybody likes law, one should go for it." She adds that a good lawyer should be familiar with the law. " A professional lawyer must know the law, and know when to use it."

Bohórquez was born in the United States but her parents are from Columbia. She has visited her parents' country many times before and has very good memories of it, " Beautiful mountains, friendly people, delicious foods," recalled Bohórquez.

Bohórquez can speak Spanish fluently, as well as read and write it. She says that her grandmother taught her Spanish. Her grandmother was a teacher in Columbia for thirty years.

Bohórquez is married but does not have any children. She goes to movies in her free time and she enjoys reading. " I like reading a lot," she said.

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