Making Choices: Some Advice for 11th Graders

by Meron Afework

Students, especially eleventh graders, do you know what you should do go when you finish high school? Go to college? Go to a school that teaches a job (trade school)? Work? Join the military? Which one do you want to choose?

In Blair we have the Career Center located at the south end of the Guidance Office. Ms. Sharon Williams, the Career Information Coordinator has computers and information to help students decide what to do after high school. Students are welcome to use the Center during lunch, before and after school and by appointment during class periods (with the teacher's permission).

Students need 22 credits to be able to finish high school. If you want to go to college, Ms. Ceide, the ESOL counselor, has some advice if your grades are low. "Bring your grades up and go to academic support in order to catch up with the other students and take the right courses."

For some colleges, like the University of Maryland, students need to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), which is a test of English and math only. For the math they need to know algebra and geometry. Eleventh grade students who want to go to the University of Maryland, can take that test in May or June. But if you want go to Montgomery College you don't have to take the SAT.

For ESOL students some important advice is you have to improve your English. As Ms. Ceide said, "Those ESOL students who are going to college must be able to read and speak well. College expects a lot of English from you, so you have to know as much English as you can."

Many ESOL students need financial help to get money for college. In twelfth grade you need to fill out the financial aid forms early. You need information from your parents for that. There are meetings in the school in November to help students and parents understand those forms.

Ms. Ceide has this final advice for eleventh graders, "Work very hard so your senior year will be enjoyable. If you want to be successful, push yourself and you will make your dream come true."

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