A Trip to the Baltimore Aquarium

by Bladimir Castillo

aquarium photoStudents in Ms. Carlson's science classes recently went on a field trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. The classes were studying about ocean life.

"I took my science classes on this field trip so they can understand and learn how animals and plants live on the ocean," Ms. Carlson said. "Even if they don't speak English they learned in their own language."

This trip gave the students a lot of knowledge about sharks. "On my trip to the Aquarium, I observed how the sharks lived and their habits," Darwin Bonilla, one of the students said. "I learned that some sharks live deep on the ocean and others on top of the ocean," he added.

Ms. Carlson believes it was a good experience for the ESOL students who don't know the culture of the United States. "It is good to take the ESOL students because they can start getting used to the North America culture," she said. "I think is important that the ESOL teachers give field trips to students so they can have experiences and start enjoying living in this area of the country. The students should share it with their families," she added.

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