Trying Floor Hockey for the First Time

by Claudia Cabrera

For the first time, some ESOL students and teachers have made a team for the school's floor hockey competition.

The teacher who started this team is Mr. Alcoba who wanted ESOL students to have the opportunity to participate in an activity in the school. He also wants the students to have something to do after school. "A lot of students go to other places when they leave school," he said. Mr. Alcoba wants them have fun and to learn a new game.

The number of people who make the team is 12 including the staff. There are four teachers and seven students. The teachers are Mr. Wang, Mrs. Demers, Ms. Carlson, Mr. Alcoba and Mr. Gonzalez. The students are Dinardo Coca, Sheikh Mbye (Goalie), Sergiy Romunenko, Oscar Vega, Christian Artega, Sergio Hernandez, and Melvin Galdamez.

By the end of this intramural activity, Mr. Alcoba hopes that the students learn to trust in each other and learn that in life you do not always win. "You always want to win, but to get to that point you have to learn how to lose. Why did we lose? Because we made mistakes. In the future we'll learn from our mistakes and we'll correct them," he said.

Mr. Wang, an ESOL teacher, who is on the team, thinks that the students who are on the team are learning teamwork. It's also showing them that they have fun things to do after school. "School is not just to learn [subjects],"he said.

Mr. Wang is on the team because he likes to play hockey and because a lot of his students are on the team. "In order to get them involved, I thought, I should lead by example," Mr. Wang said.

Sheikh Mbye, one of the students involved on the team, and the goalie of the team, said that by being on the team he has more friends than before. This is his first time for playing hockey. "It's nice. I like better than soccer," he said.

If you want to be a part of the team, talk with Mr. Alcoba, because he has a lot of plans for spring and summer. It will be great if you get involved in the activities of the school.

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