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Baltupiu Secondary School Vilnius, Lithuania

We'd like to welcome our new readers, Veronica Grainiene and her English students at Baltupiu Secondary School in Vilnius, Lithuania. (Lithuania is in northern Europe on the Baltic Sea north of Poland.) A few of the students have sent us some information about their school below.

From Agnes Vaitoskaite

I am learning in Baltupiu Secondary school. The school has got it's name from one of the regions of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. About thirty years ago there was a little village in this place called Baltupis. Now a lot of big apartment houses are built in this place, but the name of Baltupis has remained. The name Baltupis means white river. Not far from our school there is ancient Catholic Church, an ancient cemetry and one of the biggest rivers of Lithuania - Neris. There is also the wood of pine and fir trees here.


From Dovile Puraite

There are two shifts in Baltupiu school. We don't have to wear school uniforms. Children wear jeans, sweaters, sometimes dresses. They can wear what they like. We have special rooms for different subjects. My favourite one is English study. You can see a lot of pictures about England on the walls of it.


From Viktorija Simanskaite

In our school there is a newspaper called "N-14-S." There we can read about the life of our school. There is a radio center at school also. Just a few schools in Vilnius have it. So we can order songs we like to listen during breaks. Teachers with their classes like to go on trips. These trips are usually very interesting. We visit museums and sometimes cinemas, theatres, old churches and so on.

We love our school very much.

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