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In our last issue, student wrote about problems at home and we asked for responses from you, our readers. Below is the original letter followed by a response from a helpful student.

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Dear Advice Corner,

I have a problem and I need advice. I would really appreciate some advice from someone. I am a hundred percent sure that many Blair students from foreign countries are also having this same problem.

My problem is my mother always disagrees with me. She doesn't like anything I do. My mother doesn't like the clothes I wear, the friends I move with and the way I talk. She also tells me, "Remember you are not from America." She believes that talking will change my attitude.

My mother feels that she's restricting me but I think she has different beliefs which at times provoke me. I remember one day she threw my pager away. She believes that pagers are for criminals.

When I ask my mother for money, she tells me, "I have the money but I won't give it to you now because I don't know what you really want to do with it."

I want to know what some of you students who have the same problem do about it. Please give me some advice.

Looking for Help


Dear Friend,

My advice to you is to sit with your mother and have an interesting conversation with her. She thinks you are changing your attitude because you don't spend more time with her. Because of this, she feels lonely but she doesn't want to talk about it. Ask your mother what she thinks about you spending most of your time with your friends.

I know every one likes to wear baggy pants and big clothes. I used to look like a gang member. Some gangs confused me with another gang because of my clothes I used to wear. I got beat up because they thought I was one of them. I tried to run but my brother told me to stand.

I think your appearance starts to change when you start watching those kinds of videos and music that teach you bad language. Then you start to talk like that. The next thing you know, you will start to wear the same clothes they wear.

My little brother tries to dress like an American. He is only thirteen years of age, but our parents always tell us not to forget our roots. Because of the advice our parents give us, I try to go to church every Sunday and I try to be as perfect as they want me to be.

I know that you feel bad for what your mother thinks of you, but talk to her and make her understand the things that are surrounding you .You don't have to worry if you are not doing anything right. Parents normally expect the best of their children. Sometimes, I think you should sit and talk to your mother about some of your problems. In this case, she will build a lot of confidence in you.

I hope that my advice helps you. Thanks for reading.


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