The Fierce German Shepherd

by Aissata Soumah

One time when I was in my country, my mom told me not go to my friend's house because they had a German Shepherd. I knew that I was scared of dogs because when my cousin was bitten by a dog, he had to get twelve shots. Then I knew I didn't like shots. But I forgot all that because I heard my friend got a new barbie doll and I wanted to see it.

When I went to her house I was supposed to call someone to came get me fromoutside. But I didn't and they had a sign on door that said they had a German Shepherd. I couldn't wait to see her barbie so I went inside the fence and the dog looked at me.

I was scared and shaking. Then he barked at me and I started running home. Then he ran after me. From my friend's house to my house is two blocks. I was screaming and I felt like he would bite my feet.

When I arrived at my house my mom was already at the door. I was so scared that I passed my mom as I went in the house and I jumped under the bed. My mom asked me what happened to me and I told her that the dog was after me. She reminded me that she had told me not to go to my friend house but I wouldn't listen to her. I was lucky not to get bitten by a dog and every body was laughing at me.

I will listen next time to my mom and I will not go inside a fenced area where there is a dog again.

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