A Story of Two Parrots

by Elias Cortez

I am going to tell you a story about a parrot that belonged to me that bit me every time that I tried to take it into my hands.

Around two or three months ago I had a parrot. We actually found it in the yard that is behind our apartment building. My little brother was walking in the yard when he saw a green thing walking around. He picked it up and brought it into our apartment. Then, a few days later, we went to a pet store, and we bought a cage for our little parrot. Then we brought it to our home and put the little parrot in the cage. After that we fed our little winged animal.

Two weeks later, we also went to the pet store to buy another parrot, so the one that we had at home could have another friend or partner to share the food with. The old one was green, but the other one that we bought was blue. Then I found out that the green one was a female because, when the other one was put in the cage, she was cleaning the cage with her little beak where the cage was dirty.

When the green one was alone, I could easily hold it on my finger. But after the blue one arrived she became very upset because I tried to put the blue parrot on my hand like I did with the green one. This made her very angry. I was so surprised now when I tried to put even the green parrot on my hand. When I put my hand in the cage the green parrot bit me.

After months they both become friends. One day I went out, I don't remember where I went, but the only thing I remember is that when I went to my room and looked for the parrots, there was only one. I asked my brother "Where is the blue parrot?" Then I was told that the green parrot killed the blue one and that was a big surprise to me because I loved both of the parrots. So I couldn't find out what was the reason why the parrot killed his own friend.

After days later, my mom's friend went to our home, and my little brother was holding the parrot on his hand. She saw it and she asked, "Where did you find that parrot? That parrot belonged to me," she said. I tried to ask her if we could keep it a little bit longer, but she refused to do it. She took the parrot to her home. Then I become very sad because I had lost my two pets.

This is the sad ending of my story.

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