The First Time a Dog Bit Me

by Ahmed Kalil

Dog following a manOne day I was playing soccer after school with my friends and the house next to ours had dogs. They a had big one as well as small ones.

The ball was not mine but I accidentally kicked it over into the yard next door. My friends were mad. So, I said, "I will go get it." I didn't know there were dogs living in that house. At first, I did not see any dog so I decided I would run as fast as I could and get the ball.

When I got in compound then I saw one dog and then another. They were all over the compound. I threw the ball back over the fence and I called for help. The man with the dogs came out and called the dogs but on my way out one of the dogs bit me. They took me to the doctor and I was all right.

I was very lucky because I didn't have to get any shots! I'll never be so stupid again as to run into a compound with dogs.


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