Snake on the treeMy Worst Day

by Abdulla Chande

A long time ago when I was 7 years old my family and I went to a certain village in Africa. The village was called Sumbawanga. The word sumbawanga means "witch people."

So one day when I was sleeping at night I heard a certain sound. I could not determine the sound but it was like from a snake. Then I woke up and opened the door and went to see what was making that noise.

When I went to the back of the hut l saw a big thing. When I saw that, I thought it was just a big tree which had fallen down. Then I decided to sit so that I could get a rest on the tree and then go back to our hut. So when I was trying to sleep on the tree I heard a certain sound which was coming out of the snake. Then I sat up and started walking on top of the big tree. When I was walking I felt that the thing was moving.

After I felt that, I jumped off of the tree. Then I saw that it was a big snake which could eat three cows at a time. Then I was so scared that I started. I could not even speak because I knew the snake could have been turning around to swallow me. So, I kept quiet and went to a village man and told him that they had to kill the snake before it swallows the cows. So, the snake was killed and that was the worst day in my life.

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