My Sister and the Snake

by Meron Afework

A Snake on the grassOne day my older sister and I were in back of our home. We were playing in the back yard. It had been raining for more than 80 long days, so the grass was high and you could not see the ground. My sister and I were so happy to play over there and we started running around. We didn't realize some kind of animal could be in there, so we played curled up in the sun rays after the rain stopped. Then my sister saw the snake and she stepped on it.

When she stepped on it, the snake was moving, so my sister fell on it and she started to scream. I thought that she was happy because we were playing so she started asking me if it bit me too. When I heard her say snake, I yelled louder and louder. Then my family came out and started laughing at us and my older sister started saying, "No it's a snake! No it's snake! I stepped on it!" No one knew that she was really scared and the snake was beside her. They thought it was so funny.

Then she came out from the back yard. When she came out, her body started to get goose bumps. Then the whole family started to tell me to get her out because they realized it was serious.

At first they thought we were whining. But they had to take her to the hospital. After that we never played over there because I was scared of a snakes and I didn't want to be near the snakes.

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