Our Families

by Dina Ramirez

My family is happy. My fatherís name is Jose. My motherís name is Ana. My brotherís name is Jose. My sister's name is Virginia. My sister-in-lawís name is Elgar. My cousinís name is Luis. He lives in Salvador.

My family and I go to the park on Sunday. I play soccer. I eat roast beef sandwich and pizza. My mother and I play soccer. My father plays basketball.


Mi familia esta formada por mi papa, mama, hermanos, tios, sobrinos y primos. Mi madre se llama Ana y mi padre se llama Jose. Mi hermana es muy hermosa y se llama Virginia. Bueno mi familia es muy unida y siempre estaremos asi.


by David Hernandez

I'm going to write about my family. I have three brothers named Aneuris, Carlo, Miguel Angel. I have one sister named Maria. I have two grandparents named Fransia and Nena.

My family goes to the beach. We go swimming. We eat fish. The beach is Boca Chica, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The beach is big.

Mi familia es unida. Cuando pasa algo entre nosotros alli estan todos. Le gusta mucho a mi familia jugar domino.

My Messy Room

by Dang Huynh, Rolling Terrace E.S.

Let me tell you about my messy room. My messy room has dirty clothes, dirty socks, dead flies, and books under my bed. When I go home I just throw my backpack in my room. When I play with my toys I throw my toys everywhere in my room. Now you know about my messy room.


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