Comparing Governments

From a class assignment in Mr. Wang's National, State, and Local Government class .

Lily Escalante

The U.S.A. government is very good and I think it's better than my county. I mean my country is like the authoritarian system, but it's different. An authoritarian system has one or a few people who have the power, but my country has many people who have the power. But that's why my country has a lot of problems with other countries.

Ecuador and Peru know they are fighting for land. But our president is thinking about selling it to Ecuador. But other people who have power just like the president don't agree with the president's idea. Now many people think that the president of Peru is playing with our land.

I think our president, Mr. Fujimora, wasn't born in Peru. That's why he doesn't feel like heroes of my country who were fighting with other countries to have our land. My opinion is it's not fair to sell our land because it's our heroes who died to protect our land. I'm proud of my country and the heroes of my country.


Ana Martinez

I think the governments of El Salvador and the United States are democratic in both countries because in both countries the people have freedom to talk and give their opinion. Also in my country there are three government branches called legislative, executive, and judicial branches like here in the U.S. The judicial branch explains laws. The executive branch enforces laws. The legislative branch makes laws.

The difference between the governments is the constitutions. The rules in the constitution from El Salvador and the constitution of the United States are very different.

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