Chess Makes Good Humans

by 5th Grade Students in Pine Crest E.S.

An ESOL student counselor, Mr. Fernando Moreno, has been using chess to help with counseling students in Pine Crest E.S. and many other schools (including Blair). Here is what some of the Pine Crest students have written about their experiences with chess.


Julissa Ramos

I like chess because it is fun and it makes me learn to plan ahead of time. I learn to pay attention. It makes me feel happy because it feels like a hug. My favorite piece is the pawn because I know how to move it better and because it can became a queen.


Emiliene Nyom

I like chess because my sister and I play it when we get home. Also, I play chess at the ESOL class. When I play with my sister I win sometimes.

From chess I learn how to wait patiently, how to respect others, and especially, I learn to pay attention.


Phuong Van

I like Chess because my brother plays chess and he taught me how to play it. At the beginning, I didn't understand it. Then he helped me to play it. Then I played with him, but he won the first time and the second time we played. Then the third time I played with him, I won.

I have to pay attention to the game, if you don't pay attention you might lose.

My favorite piece is the queen because it can move up, down, left, right and diagonally. The queen is the most powerful piece.

I learned to respect others when I play chess because at the end of the game, you say "congratulations" or "good game."

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