My New School

by Cristian Arteaga

The name of my school is Montgomery Blair High School. My school is at 51 University Boulevard East. My school is new and very big.

In the school there are many offices: the financial secretary's office, the security office, the business manager's office, the principal's and assistant principal's office, the guidance office. I go to the attendance office to ask about my ID card. Also we have the SAC - the Student Activities Center - that is used for student and staff meetings in school. The gym is a big place where students play basketball, volleyball, and different activities.

There are different kinds of classrooms: regular classrooms, technology classrooms where technology is taught, and the laboratories where experiments are made.

When the students go outside, they watch games in the stadium. They can play soccer and football on the soccer and football fields. They can play basketball on the basketball courts.

I like my school because it's my second home and I learn a lot there.

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