Meet Mr. Wang, an ESOL Teacher

by Meron Afework

photo: Mr. Wang  in classMr. Wang is an ESOL teacher in Blair High school who started last year. He teaches National, State and Local Government and ESOL level one and he helps students by staying after school in the ESOL Academic Support Room in Blair High School.

Mr. Wang's family came from China but he was born in the United States and he graduated from Walt Whitman High School. After that he graduated from the University of Maryland. In 1993 he decided to visit his parents' home which is China. He went there because he wanted to learn his language and at the same time he wanted to teach students in China. He taught English in the People's University.

There he learned his family's culture and learned the language. "They have different holidays than in the United States. Students go to school six days a week. Teachers' salary is $30 for one month and a lot of people live in China," he said.

Mr. Wang didn't want to stay in China to live. "The lifestyle is different than in the United States and it's hard to accept many things that you see."

He came back to the U.S. in 1994, but he was so happy to know his culture and language.

After he came back he decided to be a teacher. He said, "I never thought I was going to be a teacher." But after he came back he volunteered in different schools. Then after he got his teaching certification he started working in Blair.

So now Mr. Wang is a teacher in Blair High School and he speaks two languages, English and Chinese (Mandarin). He is also learning Spanish. He is a good teacher and he helps students all the time in school.

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