Our Trip to the Zoo

by Abdirhaman Ibrahim, Dany Martinez, Aweis Ibrahim, Kadiatu Turay, Edwin Escobar, Adilcia Escobar, Harouna Bangoura, Erik Cruz

Mr. Wang's class at the zooThe zoo is in Washington, D.C.. We go to the zoo on Friday, March 20, 1998 at eight thirty AM. Mr. Wang takes his METS class and Ms. Carlson's ESOL 1 class to the zoo. There are 21 students and three teachers. In Mr. Wang's class there are Kadi, Edwin, Adilcia, Erik, Abdirhaman, Harouna, Dany, Aweis and Mariama. I do not know the student's names in Ms. Carlson's class. The teacher's names are Mr. Wang, Ms. Demers and Mr. Alcoba.

We go to the zoo by walking from school to the Silver Spring Metro. We take the Metro from Silver Spring to the zoo. The cost is $3.65 for the ticket for the Metro. Erik was reading the paper in the Metro.

We go to the zoo because we study animals in ESOL class and we like to see live animals. We like to see who is big and small and what color is the animal. We like to see which animals are nice, ugly, friendly, fast, slow, fat or skinny, hairy or not hairy, scary, strong and where animals are from.

Mr. Wang asks us which place is our favorite. For Aweis and Abdirhaman the favorite place is the monkey house. For Kadi it is the fish house. For Edwin and Dany the rainforest house is favorite because it is all green. For Harouna it is the snakes and sea lions. Adilcia likes sea lions too. Erik does not like anything.

We were at the zoo for four hours. The weather was cold. There was no sun and it was windy. The cafeteria at school gave us lunch - a big sandwich, an apple and soda. The students were good. The trip was very good.

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