Yao's Shell

by Yao Yang, Forest Knolls E.S.

One day Yao looked at the sky. She thought if some day she could get something to fly to the sky. Then she went to her room and she heard a sound of shooting. She quickly ran to the back yard. She saw a big beautiful bird and it was bleeding on its wings. She picked the bird up and wrapped it's wing. One week later the big bird was getting better. Then the big bird was able to fly to the sky. Yao looked at the bird flying to the sky. She was so happy.

At night she saw a big cloud coming down and on the cloud there was a woman. "Oh, the queen of the sky!" Yao yelled.

Then the queen said, "Thank you, my little girl. Thank you for helping me to get to the sky. I will bring you to the sky castle. Follow me."

Yao get on the cloud and they flew to the sky castle. Then they got in the castle. It was so beautiful. The wall was gold, and the floor was silver. They walked in a big room, and they saw the king of the sky. The king said, "Thank you for saving my wife. Here is jewelry. You can chose anything I have."

Yao looked at the floor and saw a lot of boxes of jewelry, but she didn't take any jewelry and she said, "I don't think I need that jewelry and I don't want to that jewelry."

"If you don't want those things, I have a thing to show you," the king said. Then a woman walked in and in her hands was a beautiful shell.

Yao said, "A shell?"

The king said, "Yes, It's a shell, but it's not the same as any other shell. It's a magic shell. If you need any help, you can call the shell."

"But how? How can the shell speak to me?" Yao asked."

"If you say, 'Shell, Shell I have some questions to ask you. Please speak to me,' then the shell can speak to you and you speak your question."

"Thank you," Yao said.

"Please close your eyes and you can go back to your home," the king said.

Then Yao went back to her home within a second.

Yao asked the shell, "Shell, Shell I have some questions to ask you, please speak to me."

Then the shell said, "I'm from the sky. You saved my queen. You can ask me questions."

"I want to know who needs me to help them?" Yao said.

"In a city the king is sick. He needs a flower from a high mountain. Close your eyes. I can take you to the mountain," the shell said.

Then Yao closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes she was on a high mountain. The shell said, "This is the mountain. On the top there is a flower. You pick that flower and I will take you to see the king."

Yao went up on the mountain. It was colder and colder. Finally, she got on the top. She saw a colorful flower with green leaves. She took the flower, but the mountain was shaking! She spoke quickly to the shell.

"Shell, Shell I have some questions, please speak to me."

Shell said, "I'm from the sky. You saved my queen. You can ask me questions."

"Please let me get out of here!" Yao yelled.

The shell was bigger and bigger and Yao sat on the shell and they flew to the king's castle.

"How can I make the king feel better?" Yao asked.

"Put these flower in water and use fire to boil it. Then give it to the king and tell him to drink it, " Shell answered.

Yao walked to the king's room, "I can cure the king's illness," Yao said to the king's wife.

"If you can, please do it," The queen said.

Yao put the flower in the water and boiled it, then gave it to the queen and said, "Give it to the king to drink."

The king drank all of it, he was better and better. The next morning the king wanted Yao to stay with him. Yao said, "No I can't stay because I need to help others who have problems."

"Yao, you are good. If I can do something when you need help, I will. Good bye, my friend!" the king said.

Then Yao and shell left the castle and they went to see if someone needed their help.

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