Two Countries' Food

by Ever Dinarte, John F. Kennedy H.S.

My name is Ever and I'm from Nicaragua. I'm 16 years old. I only have been in the United States for 7 months. I would like to talk about other cultures. And I want you to have fun learning about mine.

In Nicaragua, we have a lot of kinds of food. For instance, nacatamales is a typical food. Nacatamales is the favorite food for everybody in my country. This is made with dough prepared by the person who is making it. Nacamles also has potatoes, pork, tomatoes, a little rice, and other things. It is all wrapped in a banana leaf.

Nicaraguan people have different kinds of food plates, each with a specific time for eating. For example, in the morning we have a lot of types of bread. At lunch time, we can eat something that a lot of people eat called bisteak (steak) and many other kinds of meat. For dinner, we have the famous gallopinto, the typical dinner plate. Gallopinto is made of beans and rice fried together that you can eat with any kinds of cheese that we have.

Nicaragua also has its own drinks. For example, pinol is a typical drink. Pinol is corn with ground cacao. Also, if you go to Nicaragua you can drink chicha. To make chicha you have to boil corn and then grind it with food coloring. Another original drink is cacao, my favorite drink in the world. And of course we have juices and sodas: Coke, Pepsi and others. But if you analyze our drinks, you'll see that most of our drinks are made of corn and cacao. So the corn in my country is one of the most important crops.

When I was in my country I wondered what the U.S.A. food was like. Now, I can see how it is and the differences between Nicaraguan food and the U.S.A. food. I think there are more differences than similarities.

I would like to give my opinion about the United States food. First, I think the United States food is one of the best kinds because American's food is very light. That means that you can prepare it faster than any other countries' food.

Second, Americans have something very interesting and very different from Latin countries. That is, they don't have one specific typical food plate. Instead, they have many: hamburgers, pizzas, hot dogs, chicken and beef. I think that it is cheaper than other countries' food. Fourth, I think American's food is very creative and that is why I like it. American people are always creating new kinds of food and drinks. Finally, I think that American drinks are wonderful and very original, too. American drinks are very popular world wide. That should make the American people very proud.

I think that my country's food and America's food are both successful. From Nicaragua, I like nacatales and bisteak, but my favorite food from my country is gallopinto. I think it is the best that I have eaten in my lifetime. If I talk about food from the U.S.A., my favorite food is pizza. I love it, even though I also like hot dogs and cheeseburgers.

In conclusion, I love two countries' food!

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