Silver International Hits the WWW - Again

by Billy Aragon

Silver International has a web page on the World Wide Web again. According to the newspaper sponsor, Mr. Bellino, Silver International's first web page was made about five years ago. The first issue was the Fall 1993 that a computer science student did as a class project. But then she graduated from high school. Nothing changed in it and it stayed this way for almost five years.

Another student who was on the Silver International staff and was learning about web pages and changed the design but he did not put any more issues because he did not have time. "At that time Silver International was an after school club, not a class, and nobody in the club knew how to make web pages," said Mr. Bellino. "Even I didn't know very much about it and had no time to learn it."

This year another student named Phillip Jones came and asked Mr. Bellino if he needed help with the Web page. Phillip Jones said, "Our teacher gave us a project to do and gave us a club that we were supposed to help."

Phillip Jones had some troubles designing the Web page. The part that he thought was going to be easy was the part where he had more problems with. "Mixing colors for the Web page was the hardest part of making it."

But this year Mr. Bellino learned how to do a Web page with the help of Phillip Jones and a computer software program for creating Web pages. Now that Mr. Bellino knows a little bit of how to create Web pages, he is teaching his students how to put Silver International onto Web pages.

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