by Daniel Juarez, Takoma Park M.S.
Girls up, girls down
Girls to the left and right
Maybe you think I'm lucky
Because I have girls in my sight.
Every girl tells me I'm cute
But not the girl I want for me
Every day she tells me
"Your girlfriend I don't want to be!"
Now you don't have to say "thank you"
To know how you have to be
There are more than 10,000 girls
Who want to go out with me.



by Kirsys Nunez , Takoma Park M.S.
Teachers are by your side.
They're full of joy and pride.
They help you to succeed,
And help you learn what you need.
And when trouble comes they may let you slide. Oom!



by Ingrid Altenor, Takoma Park M.S
There once was a groom
Who married a broom.
They liked to eat food
Especially when it was good
Then they had a son they called Boom.

The Love of My Life

by Laure Elizabeth Zoko
I was alone on a living lagoon,
I was there waiting for I don't know who.
I was in the shell that was thought to be an armor.
I was lying in the darkness,
Waiting for that feeling to rise.
Light of my life
For you I strive
Against rain and wind.
You came. I didn't open my mouth
I didn't say a word.
My silence said it all
Why didn't you listen 'mi amor'?
Oh! You are not alone
Love, see, I let you rise
Rise like the beautiful full moon
In the country of darkness,
Now I am about to fall
For I am part of you.
I couldn't open my mouth,
For I had no voice.
Life didn't give me a choice.

Copyright © 1998, Silver International, Montgomery Blair H.S., Silver Spring, MD USA

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