A Letter from a Former Student

A former ESOL level one student who graduated in 1996 wrote a letter to his ESOL teacher Ms. Carson and her ESOL students. Here is his letter and some of their replies.

To ESOL Students

My name is Cyrille B. Houndambi. I am currently attending the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. In September 1993, I was an ESOL student at Montgomery Blair High and didn't know any English nor what to do after graduation.

But after two years of outstanding achievement in the ESOL program, I was able to be in a regular English class with native speakers. Originally I am from the Central African Republic, an independent country which is located exactly in the middle of Africa. The official language is French and also Sangho which is spoken nation-wide.

Anyway this lets people know that if I can do it, all of you can do it too. So, please start thinking about your future, and make it happen.

This is a little advice that I wanted to give to ESOL students and I wish everybody good luck.

Students Reply:

Dear Cyrille,

Hi, my name is Betsaida. Well my dream is go to the university. But sometimes I think about not going to the university. I feel confused. I know it's good for my future and my life. It's so difficult to speak English, but I'm going to learn English.

I want my parents to be proud of me. I want to study business administration. I promise to other people who love me that I will finish university.

Betsaida Alemen


Dear Cyrille,

My name is Griselda. I am a student at Montgomery Blair High School,

I am in 9th grade. Thank you for your letter I would like to go to college in the future, but first I would like to learn English and after I will be in regular English.

I would to be a flight attendant. I have been here only nine months. Thank you for your letter.

Griselda Sanchez



Dear Cyrille,

Hello, my name is Jose. I began to study in Montgomery Blair High School in January, 1998. I don't speak English. Originally I'm from El Salvador. My native language is Spanish.

My objective is my graduation and to work. I hope that you study for your graduation.

Jose Landaverde


Dear Cyrille,

Hello Cyrille. My name is Juan Turcios. I'm a student in Montgomery Blair High School. I was born in El Salvador. It's in Central America. I'm in 10th grade now. I think about my future. Maybe I will finish High School in the year 2000 in new Blair.

Thank you, for your letter to us. You are a nice guy. I think I will study after graduation, but I have to pratice a lot of English.

I'm eighteen years old, I live with my family in Silver Spring.

Juan Turcios

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